Pugmill Trailer - Asphalt Plant - Lime Slurry

Lime Slurry

Aesco Madsen’s “LS” Series Lime Slurry Processing Plants

are designed to not only manufacture specification water/slurry mixtures to meet industry standards, but to also combine them with the appropriate aggregates either for on-site marination or for instant use in asphalt plant production processes.

Mixing Trailer

Lime Slurry mixing trailer

Standard equipment consists of a Lime Storage/ Feed Silo which supplies the required amount of lime to the Lime Slurry Mixing Trailer complete with a water supply tank, slurry mixing tank, lime and water metering devices, and a slurry mass flow metering system which automatically manufactures the lime slurry product and supplies it to the pugmill trailer for addition to the virgin aggregate.

Standard equipment also includes the Aggregate Feed/Pugmill Trailer which has an aggregate feed hopper, conveyor and twin shaft pugmill to properly mix the lime slurry and the virgin aggregate to provide an asphalt plant ready product.

Plant site layout

Complete plant site layout

In addition, the complete process is accurately controlled by a state-of-the-art, user-friendly, computer control system which includes daily record keeping via either hard copy printer interface or computer disks for ease of transferring plant data to a remote location.

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