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RAP Crusher

Turn Your RAP Into Gold…

With Aesco Madsen’s Black Gold RAP Crusher!

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RAP Crusher Chains

There is no doubt about it. Aesco Madsen’s Black Gold RAP Crusher is built to take it. With hammers and grate screens that are impregnated with exclusive KENCO Tungsten Carbide for an extended service life, this outstanding piece of equipment can turn RAP into gold!

This single-shaft hammermill style crusher is competitively priced and built to last. It pulverizes RAP material up to 8 inches in size to meet your exact specifications — in only one pass — saving time, money, wear and tear.

Maintenance is a snap because the rotor is mounted to a movable sub-frame; allowing the rotation to be easily reversed. This unique feature eliminates the hassle of disassembling the hammers and turning them around — saving valuable time. All internal exposed walls of the housing are protected with AR or KENCO “Alloy-K” cast wear plates.

Aesco Madsen’s Black Gold RAP Crusher can be built as a portable or stationary configuration, serve as a key component in one of Aesco Madsen’s complete Recycle Systems for either Batch or Drum Mix Plants, or be retrofitted into your existing recycle system.

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Hammermill RAP Specs