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Tireless Rotary Mixer

If you are interested in the latest rotary mixer technology and innovations, this is the product you are looking for. The Aesco Madsen Tireless Rotary Mixer is the first and only mixer of its kind that employs only two end shaft mounted bearings in lieu of standard steel tires and trunnions. This unique design completely eliminates the wear and maintenance headaches commonly associated with traditional tire and trunnion configurations.

Adding an Aesco Madsen Tireless Rotary Mixer to your existing batch or drum mix plant increases RAP usage with no blue smoke problems, enhances mix quality and improves the overall performance of your asphalt plant operations.

Aesco Madsen’s Tireless Rotary Mixers are available in sizes to meet capacity requirments from 100 to 600 tons per hour. Each mixer comes fully insulated, equipped with a discharge shroud mounted smoke evacuation fan, constant or variable speed drive system, adjustable AC injection piping and includes inlet provisions for virgin aggregate, RAP, additives, and dust return.

If all of this sounds like the solution you are looking for, please call or email your Aesco Madsen sales representative today for quotes or additional information.