RTC-48 all in one Portable RAP Processing System

RT-48C RAP Processing System: Fierce Efficiency Meets Compact Versatility

Utilizing RAP in your mix formula is an essential part to an asphalt plant that is both cost-effective and environmentally sound. To ensure that an economical RAP option is available to every plant owner, Aesco Madsen has developed its RT-48C RAP Processing System. This portable, all in one RAP processor offers the RAP crushing and processing benefits seen in larger RAP systems, but in a more versatile and compact design.

The single RAP feed bin utilized on the RT-48C is equipped with a top-mounted grizzly, scalping off material larger than 8” in diameter. The feed bin’s steep walls, air cannon, and vibrator work in concert to prevent RAP from sticking to the sides and providing a means to dislodge any material bridging within the bin. Below the RAP feed bin, material is transported over a variable speed conveyor to a 4’ x 8’ scalping screen, diverting any oversized RAP into Aesco Madsen’s RC-100 Hammermill RAP crusher. The material is then reduced in size by the RAP crusher to a diameter of less than 1”, and finally discharged to a folding scale conveyor where it is weighed as it passes its RAP belt scale.

Compatible with any computerized blending system, the motor control center and control system included with the RT-48C offers unrestricted interfacing capabilities no matter your current set-up.

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